• All over the world, businesses are temporarily shutting down and doing what they can to restrict the spread of the virus. Since COVID-19 is easily passed from person to person, implementing these small but effective strategies can go a long way.

    HOAs are no exception to this rule. As a board member, you must do your part to help stop the spread of the disease. Here are the HOA board responsibilities you must carry out during the coronavirus outbreak:


    1. Disinfect Common Areas

    The common areas of an HOA community are where people gather the most. The virus is more likely to pass from person to person in these places. Various residents come into contact with the common areas, so it is imperative to sanitize them properly.

    Use an effective disinfectant to spray or wipe down common areas, ensuring every surface is clean. This includes doorknobs, elevator buttons, and handles — things people touch often. While it is the residents’ job to make sure they do not touch their faces, the HOA can help mitigate the spread of the virus.


    2. Consider Closing Common Areas

    As more businesses shut down and allow their employees to work from home, your HOA community might see a rise in residents staying home during workdays. Not everyone has the self-control to stay indoors all day long. People get bored. Soon, they will want to use their free time to swim a lap in the community pool or do some lifting at the gym.

    Controlling resident behavior is hard enough for HOA board members and COVID-19 is only going to make it harder. For everyone’s benefit, your board must consider closing common areas until the outbreak blows over. Social distancing is of utmost importance at a time like this. Temporarily closing down common areas is a good way to discourage large crowds.


    3. Delay or Cancel Events

    Events are another excuse for large gatherings. Being a highly contagious virus, COVID-19 can easily be transmitted to an entire room of people with just a single infected person in attendance. If your HOA has any events coming up, it is a good idea to postpone them indefinitely or cancel them entirely.

    This might mean a loss for your HOA if the events have already been paid for. Talk to your vendors to see if you can get a refund under the circumstances. Alternatively, find out if they would be willing to delay the event to a later date.


    4. Install Sanitizer or Alcohol Dispensers

    The fight between HOA board members and coronavirus can be won with social distancing and sanitizers. Consider installing sanitizer or alcohol dispensers in common areas, especially in places where people come into most contact with. Any place with elevators is a good start, as multiple people touch elevator buttons all day.

    If your HOA is having trouble with HOA management, consider partnering with a professional management company like us for help. Don’t hesitate to give us a call anytime.