• Maintenance Services

    • CMS, Inc. provides your Association with a wide-range of contracted maintenance services. Through our experience we have developed a network of very skilled and qualified vendors, contractors, and suppliers for services within our communities. Our association management team contributes knowledge of services needed and networks of businesses to create a full-service management package for your Association.



    • Our Management Team will provide:

      • Competitive bids for all capital projects and service contracts
      • Quality approved and suggested vendor list of licensed contractors/vendors/suppliers
      • Consultation with Boards to determine needs for community and best services, contractors/vendors/suppliers to meet those needs
      • Supervision of process from bid, to contract, to service follow through and review for future relationship building with contractor/vendors/suppliers

      CMS utilizes purchase and work order systems for all projects. We will coordinate and supervise all work done by contractors and inspect all work prior to approving any payments.

      Our hope is to be able to maintain positive relationships between local service providers and the Associations we manage. It is our goal to utilize these relationships to not only better the property but the local community and economy as a whole.

      All of our qualified sponsors have a history in providing excellent customer service. We are always looking for new contractors and vendors to who seek to provide a high level of service at competitive pricing for our Community Associations. We look for the best quality and pricing always in our relationships to provide outstanding results for our communities.

    • Community Common Areas

      Our Community Management Team will provide a work scope and specifications to take bids for all recurring contract work to be done in the common areas for Board review and approval. CMS has a wide range of qualified sponsors who act as strategic partners in providing services for ponds, pools, sports courts, landscaping, clubhouses, hallways, elevators, streets, trails, nature areas and all common area facilities. We also provide 24/7 access to online work orders and maintenance requests via our community websites.


    • Homeowner Maintenance

       Our homeowners can go to their community website or contact us to ask a question or submit a work order 24 hours a day. We work with our homeowners to assist them with their questions about common area maintenance or assist them with maintenance within their own home. We can provide services needed and make recommendations anytime. We highly recommend utilizing the CMS Marketplace Sponsors!