• It’s that time of year, you’re preparing for the holidays! Not only are the decorations going up, but you’re purchasing and creating those important gifts for loved ones. This year more than ever we are worried about keeping our families healthy amongst all the chaos, but you can’t forget about the possibility of porch pirates, thieves, and accidental fires that occur every holiday season.

    You probably want to keep gifts out of sight from children, but you also want to make sure gifts are hidden from a potential burglar as well. Putting pretty wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree looks nice, but it’s also an open invitation for a burglar. Try to keep your Christmas tree, with gifts underneath, away from windows or other places with a view. When you aren’t home, it’s easy to break through a window and grab all of your gifts.

    Stay proactive against package theft, with more people shopping online it’s important to grab those packages and keep an eye out for suspicious unwanted behaviors. One recommendation is to install a video doorbell, this can help if you order many packages or if you’re typically not at home during working hours. Another suggestion is to order a deluxe package delivery box that delivery professionals can utilize when dropping off packages. These boxes help secure packages, and can be bought online. Although some boxes are pretty pricey, it can be a good investment when thinking about the hassle of filing lost package claims with multiple mailing carriers and websites.

    You never really know who looks at your social media posts, and who they share it with. It’s tempting to brag about a great gift or talk about travel plans, but these kinds of posts can set you up as a target. People with bad intentions can use them to plan their next burglary. By posting plans online you’re asking for burglars to check out your home when you’re gone. Even when you’re going to be going for just the day, be careful about who you allow to view your posts, thieves work quick. Protecting gifts is an important thing that some dismiss. If you’re going to be gone for a longer period of time, you might think about removing those gifts from underneath the Christmas Tree! Another aspect of home safety that often gets overlooked is monitoring your holiday lights. Outdoor lights should be set on a timer, and don’t forget to shut off the indoor lights nightly. Leaving on holiday lights is the second biggest issue during the holiday season, and can easily start accidental fires.

    One final piece of advice your family might consider is enhancing your home security system. It might be a system that you slowly establish and improve, because some systems can be a little pricey. Think about installing cameras inside, outside, and always notify neighbors when you’ll be gone and give them your contact information! We hope your family can use some of these tips to say safe this holiday season.