• Just like zoning laws enacted by local governments to preserve and ensure the safety, health, and character of a community, your HOA covenants and by-laws exist to protect your property values, ensure an expected standard of living, and allow for efficient management of HOA resources.

    Knowing the HOA covenants/by-laws prior to purchasing ensure you have the proper fit to your lifestyle. Why on earth would you move into a community that you know conflicts with your lifestyle? Know that the residents in the HOA obey and want the covenants and will report violations and support Board enforcement. Problems can occur when Board and/or Committee members bend architectural/landscaping restrictions for friends or businesses but that doesn’t invalidate the goodness of these rules. Those who move into an HOA and want the community to conform to their lifestyle should find another neighborhood as they are inviting problems and quite frankly don’t understand the purpose and value of an HOA.

    An HOA community strives to preserve its’ character and strengths that make it unique and not a clone of the typical neighborhood. You must understand that your incompatible baggage and habits from another community just might be the very reason the HOA residents left their former community and came to this HOA covenant controlled neighborhood. You should also understand that not all covenants/by-laws are in writing but simply understood via common sense. In particular, age restricted HOA residents understand that kids are not king in their community and visiting kids should be under control, respect neighbors, and not screaming; loud radios in the pool areas, garages, and other outside areas are not appreciated; visitors speeding the neighborhood are not welcomed; dogs running loose, barking, and defecating on other’s lawns are considered rude; old cars and trucks left unattended or unused in driveways are considered eye sores; and privacy is to be respected. If you can’t stand this neighborly respect and simply want to “do your own thing”, consider another community.

    Most HOA covenant horror stories seem to involve flagrant and outright challenges to known architectural and landscaping covenants/by-laws by residents who seem to think they are special, that they deserve an exception regardless of the impact on the community, and their habits that are incompatible with the HOA should be welcomed as new and refreshing: stop assuming you are right, the HOA is wrong, and read the covenants you agreed to. The covenant rebels get what they deserve from the HOA Board. So, for you existing residents and potential buyers, understand that HOA covenants/restrictions have a purpose in serving the community and the community doesn’t have an obligation to serve your incompatible habits.