• Many individuals who are elected to serve on their Association’s Board of Directors quickly discover that they do not have an adequate background for all of the tasks that they must perform as a board member. They realize that they don’t have the resources, experience, or knowledge to respond to all of the issues that arise in the management of the Association. As a result, the decision is often made to hire a professional HOA management company.

    Communities Attract Better Residents

    As anyone who has been shopping for a home knows, individuals have to pay more if they want to live in a community that is well maintained. This means that properly maintained communities are more popular and attract more interested residents. An association management company can use its experience to evaluate applications and conduct resident screenings. These organizations will be able to recognize undesirable residents early in the process, so that time is only spent targeting individuals who will care about maintaining the neighborhood.

    Dues Collection Effectiveness

    HOA board members hate collecting dues because it is time consuming and there is a chance that relationships with neighbors will be affected in the process. The problem for HOA boards is that dues are the only source of revenue for the board, and a board that does not collect dues will be unable to provide basic services. Fortunately, every homeowners association management company is adept at increasing the dues collection rate. These organizations are able to collect dues by acting as a barrier between board members and residents, meaning that residents are unable to use personal relationships to get around paying dues. Additionally, a good property management company will be able to go after delinquent dues by putting payment plans in place. When the association management company collects more dues, the board has more resources to use to improve the community.

    Companies Provide Legal Protection

    A community only has so many resources to work with, and those resources can be crippled if the community finds itself in legal trouble. Legal issues can arise from improper screenings, evictions, property inspections, and injuries stemming from the condition or safety of the property. A management company will be well versed in the national, state, and local laws governing the administration of a community, and will provide guidance to the HOA so that it does not leave itself liable. In cases where the HOA board finds itself in legal trouble, the company will typically be able to provide the board with legal representation at no extra cost.

    Outsourcing HOA services means better residents, an increase in collected dues, and legal protection for the association. These are just some of the many benefits that a homeowner’s management company provides.