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    • Testimonials

    • “We do appreciate you and your communication is tops!!!
      We have been where communication is NOT good – in fact, just down the road and – the Management Company was less than desirable in many ways.   It causes so many issues and tons of disrespect within the community when that happens.   Honestly, We DO NOT hear that TONE of disrespect here at all.   We feel you have our BACK!   And…THAT MEANS EVERYTHING.  Everyone I have spoken with speaks very highly of your work and communication within the community.   It makes for a totally different WORLD to live in and – as a result those who live here – also – care more!   We are thankful!”
      – Tammy Marko (Avalon Homeowner)





      “I usually hate dealing with places like this (like most people) but Eva, who appears to be the only person who deals with homeowners, was super friendly and made it actually a pretty pleasant experience!”
      -Logan H. (Yelp Review)