• COVID-19

    • We realize everything has changed for everyone due to this novel coronavirus. This is what we are working on to assist with our homeowners' and board's needs at this time…

      We are deeply concerned that our homeowners, business owners, residents, and team members stay safe during this National Emergency due to the Pandemic COVID-19.  We wanted to update you, our owners, as to what we are doing at Community Management Services to keep everyone who we work with and serve as safe and healthy as possible.

      We are currently limiting access to our offices until we are notified that it is safe to conduct business in a face to face environment again. This means, no in-person client visits to either of our offices. CMS has always valued the use of telecommunication in our management strategy to ensure efficiency and responsiveness for our clients.

      Due to an uptick in inquiries, we are experiencing an increased volume of phone calls and ask that you contact us directly via your community website, email, or by visiting www.communityms.net. Of course, please phone us for any urgent issues. Thank you for your give grace as we manage this change of pace and try our best to accommodate all of our clients’ needs at this time.


      Day to Day and Priority Business

      Assessment Payments and Accounting

      As we are all now under Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order, directing us all to stay at home, we understand that this impacts you, your family, your entire community as well as our business. In order to service our associations we want you to know that while our office doors may be closed, we are still working hard for you.

      For the health and safety of our staff and their families, as well as our clients, we are having our administrative staff and community association managers work remotely. 

      Since CMS is a technology driven company, we are still able to assist you with processing work orders, architectural change requests and paying assessments online at this time.

      You may continue to use online forms to complete most tasks. You may use your Community Connect App or go to our website at www.Communityms.net to access your community’s website or payment portal. Here you can also communicate with our staff, including the administrative and accounting staff, who are keeping the mail opened and processing payments and invoices through our online platforms as usual.

       All banking, assessment, invoice processing, and payments are continuing as usual with 24/7 access to our online platforms, lockbox and encrypted payment portals.  These are accessible through your community website. If you are overdue to pay your assessments now or anticipate this may become an issue due to employment changes or other obstacles due to this pandemic …do not wait to contact us.  Please email us at info@communityms.net now to discuss your options.  We will be in touch with you as quickly as possible. We desire to work with you and your Board to resolve these situations pro-actively. 


      Maintenance and Service Requests 

      Association routine exterior or common area maintenance, including cleaning, routine maintenance, lawn care, and landscaping are continuing on schedule.  Please do not engage any crews or individuals working in the common areas or exteriors.  Contact our office and speak to your Client Services Manager who will then coordinate activity or help with the resolution of any issues.  If you see any routine issue please go to your website and submit a work order.  We will respond and let you know when we have someone coming out to address a problem.  We will continue to do inspections, however, if you see a problem – please reach out to us so we may do the needed work as soon as possible.

      Emergency maintenance will be handled with a response from a staff member 24 hours a day - 365 days a year as always.  For a true maintenance emergency, contact our main line at 317-631-2213 and follow the instructions for the emergency answering serving.  An operator will take your call and reach someone who will return your call as quickly as possible.


      Association and Board Meetings

      Regular Board Meetings will be conducted a teleconference on the schedule established by your Board and published on your community website calendar.  Access for both Board members (who attend both the executive and open sessions) and Homeowners who wish to attend the open session will be available.  Information will be announced under the homeowner's log-in section of your community website or sent out by your Board. 

      Association (group) meetings such as the annual or a special meeting, will be postponed until the Board determines how they wish to handle these sessions.  They may be postponed or held in an online session.  We will keep you up to date on your community website.

      A Sincere Thank You…

      We are committed to helping every homeowner at this unprecedented time.  We want you to be satisfied and happy with the results of contacting us.  I am proud of our team of dedicated professionals and vendors who work hard every day to stay on schedule and get issues resolved in a timely manner

      We are working hard and keeping your association running so you can shelter at home and stay healthy with your family.  We will get through this difficult time together and come out the other side with a new appreciation of our lives here in Indiana. 


      Best regards and health,

      Lesley Stoeffler, CEO/President