• Residents invest lots of money into their homes and properties and since most residents want to protect this investment, they typically come together to create a homeowners association (HOA). This governing body makes decisions related to care and management of the neighborhood, setting and enforcing community standards while making sure that shared areas within the neighborhood are effectively maintained. An HOA is able to make these decisions by forming an HOA board of leaders that includes residents chosen to speak on behalf of the rest of the community. These leaders are responsible for providing HOA services like landscaping and trash removal using dues collected from residents. Unfortunately the members of many HOA boards lack the resources and skills needed to meet all of the community’s needs. When a board has a shortage of expertise, it typically hires a homeowners association management company to help the HOA manage its community. These companies provide many benefits. For instance:

    They Make the Community More Attractive to Buyers

    Individuals are willing to pay more for a home if it is in a well-maintained community. Not only does this mean that property values increase for current residents, but the community is able to bring in better residents down the road because more buyers are willing to live in the community.

    They are Better at Collecting Dues

    Dues are a critical resource for an HOA because these dues are what the group uses to pay for HOA services and everything else that is needed to keep the community running properly. However, most HOA board members hate to collect dues because chasing down delinquent payers is time consuming and can cause relationships with neighbors to be destroyed. An HOA board can put the homeowners association management company in charge of collecting dues, as these groups usually increase the community’s dues collection rate. A homeowners association management company is able to act as a barrier between board members and residents, meaning that they can aggressively pursue dues without allowing residents to use their personal relationships to delay payment. Another way that these companies are able to increase the dues collection rate is by going after delinquent payers and even working with residents to put a payment plan in place when a debt is hard to overcome. Once the company collects more dues, the HOA will be able to make even more improvements to the overall community.

    They can Provide Legal Assistance

    It is unlikely that one of the members of an HOA board will be a lawyer, so the community could see its financial reserves erased if it finds itself involved in a lawsuit. Legal problems that a community is susceptible to includes disputes related to improper screenings, property inspections, paid HOA services that were never performed, injuries suffered in common areas, and evictions. The homeowners association management company will have legal professionals on staff who are familiar with local, state, and national laws, and these professionals will provide legal representation and counseling at no extra cost.

    These are just some of the benefits that an HOA will receive when hiring a homeowners association management company like Community Management Services.