• What does a meth lab look like? Find out and Protect the Neighborhood

    • What does a meth lab look like to an individual who does not use? Methamphetamines are some of the most deadly and most addicting types of illegal substances today. Those who struggle with this addiction may be tempted to make their own product using various substances from the store. This is what makes this drug particularly worrisome. It is easier to obtain than most people realize. Nevertheless, there are signs that a person may be manufacturing it.

      Signs to Look for – What Does a Meth Lab Look Like?

      If you believe a family member or other person may be manufacturing this product in your community, look for signs of the production. It is often easy to see this type of event taking place because of the large amount of substances in the space.

      Often times, the location of the production area is not as obvious as one may believe. It is possible to make this product anywhere, in a hotel room, garage, behind a shed or even in vacant buildings. Often times, the area will have a collection of chemical bottles present, since these are one of the most commonly used products. You may also find pressurized cylinders and hoses in the area.

      There are some tell tale things found in most of these facilities. Since meth can be manufactured from cold tablets, you may find a number of bottles or boxes of cold medications, usually empty. Any medication containing ephedrine substances can be in use in this way.

      There is often a large amount of acidic material too. You may find actual product including camping fuels, acetone, starter fluid, paint thinner or drain cleaners present. You may also find bottles labeled to contain sulfuric or other acids.

      There may be evidence of the making of the product, too. This is often in two forms. You may find a dark red or white paste-like substance on filters. After the product is cooked down, it has a white powder look to it. Do not touch it, but if you notice this in pans or on any type of cookware, it may be an indication that something is going on.

      Most often, these labs are messy and strewn with various debris. You may notice a strong smell of urine and sometimes-other ammonia-based smells. There is a risk to being in this type of environment, which means individuals should avoid doing so whenever possible.

      If you believe there is activity, report it; you may be able to stop the production of this material and in return help to save someone’s life as well.