• Protecting Your Home During Vacations

    • When it comes time to take well-deserved vacation we have many things to think about, many last minute details that we need to solve. However, between the choice of destination, the search for the plane tickets and hotel selection usually forget something very important: security at home .When leaving be sure to lock all doors and windows of the house, leaving the blinds down in the middle, not to give that feeling of home living bait. This neglect is a detail that many criminals know and exploit so no wonder the theft and accidents are much more frequently when the houses are empty.

      Fortunately, if you follow these basic protective measures you can minimize the risks:

      • Turn off all lights Use a light timer/smart lights to indicate that someone is at home.
      • Disconnect all devices from electrical outlets Close the master keys and gas water.
      • Close all windows (both internal and external)
      • Install and activate an alarm system
      • Secure all valuables in a safe.
      • Do not leave valuables visible from the exterior of the house.
      • Prune trees and clean the garden to prevent an accident during a storm and eliminate the possibility that these become a “natural steps” that facilitate the thieves access to the house.
      • Do not leave house keys outside
      • No advertising on the Internet or in public places you will be away from home
      • Seal the garage and security gate
      • Installing protective bars on the windows, especially if you live in a neighborhood with a high theft rate
      • Leave a generic message on the answering machine that does not mention that you’re away from home or use the call forwarding service.
      • Ask someone you trust to check the house.