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    • CMS Tip: What You Should And Shouldn’t Do With An Electric Blanket

    • When you want to be warm during the winter, use an electric blanket. If you are carrying a child and in your first three months of pregnancy you shouldn’t use an electric blanket. According to studies you can cause birth defects to your unborn child.

      If you are going to sleep make sure your blanket is on low because it can catch on fire. To make sure you and your family is safe always keep your blanket on low while you are sleeping. To warm your bed before climbing in it, turn it on the setting you want it on, but never leave the home with it on.

      It is wonderful to turn your blanket on and have your bed warm before you climb into bed to sleep. This saves you from climbing into a cold bed. Electric Blankets are not very much money and are worth the price.

      You shouldn’t put an electric blanket on a child that cant talk because it can cause them severe burns and by the time they cry it could be too late. Check your wires on your blanket on a regular bases to ensure that none of the wires are bare. If you find any wires that are bare, throw your blanket away and get a new one.

      It is possible to get electrocuted if you have bare wires on your blanket. Make sure to get a new blanket at least once a year to ensure that the wires don’t get exposed and hurt someone or cause a fire. Especially if you use it more than ten hours a day for more than three months.

      If your blanket fails to workFree Web Content, don’t try to fix it yourself. Make sure to go get a new blanket so that you don’t have a fire. The company cannot guarantee your repair work. If you follow the guidelines then you shouldn’t have to worry about any kind of malfunction.

      You can get them in so many different colors and so many different stores sell them. They are very easy to find especially during the holidays. And if you wait until after Christmas you can get them on sell. So it shouldn’t be hard to find your favorite. And as long as you read the directions on how to use your electric blanket and follow the guidelines and rules then you should not have any problems with your blanket.