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    • HOA Management: Procedures for Filing a Complaint

    • When a homeowner has a concern about the community or a fellow neighbor, an HOA management company mediates the problem. There are certain procedures that need to be followed.

      There are a lot of different responsibilities that fall to an HOA management company. Disputes arise all the time over a variety of situations and issues and someone needs to sort things out. Whether the complaint involves loud music, parking concerns, or even the weeds in the front yard, homeowners need to be able to let their voices be heard and see results. The company running the community is the perfect mediator.

      The Guidelines

      Every HOA management company seeks to abide by the bylaws of a given community. These guidelines define the role of the homeowners, the board members and even describe what is and is not permissible in the community. Since these bylaws are usually quite extensive and detailed, a homeowner can sit down and research a certain situation before bringing up a complaint. He or she can figure out which guidelines have been broken.

      In some cases, the guidelines are not specific when it comes to concerns and complaints. When this happens, it is important to talk to someone at the HOA management company to get a clear idea about whether or not any action can be taken against the person or persons involved.

      Filing a Complaint

      Be sure to submit all information in writing when voicing a concern to the HOA management company. Quick questions can be handled over the phone but a formal issue needs to be addressed to the company in writing. Some companies have special forms that need to be filled out. Be sure to include all of the necessary information, including the person filing the complaint (along with lot number and address) and specifics about the situation. If the complaint involves another homeowner, include this person’s information as well.

      Keep one copy and send the other to the HOA management company. The paperwork can be sent over email or through the mail. Be sure that it is addressed to the appropriate person. Some companies have a specific person assigned to different communities. Addressing it correctly ensures that the paperwork does not get lost.

      Following It Up

      Sending in the paperwork is not enough. After a reasonable amount of time, make a call to check in on the situation or send a follow up email. Document the contact with the person that was reached, what the conversation involved and any important information discovered about the situation, the resolution, or the other homeowner. As a complaint goes through the system, it may end up with several different people. Documentation shows that a homeowner is prepared to take the complaint all the way.

      Instead of taking on the problem aloneBusiness Management Articles, homeowners have professionals that are paid to handle these things. Going through the proper channels gives a person a better chance at reaching a positive resolution.