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    • What to Check before Joining a Homeowners Association

    • If you plan to buy a single-detached house, a condominium or a townhouse from a developer, one of the important bits of information you have to know is: do property owners automatically become members of a homeowners association?

      If the answer is yes, you have to know the following:
      1. Neighborhood Condition
      Look around. If there are already existing homeowners and the association has been formed, are the common areas well maintained and in order?

      2. Association Dues
      How much would you have to pay to live in a safe community with well-maintained surroundings? The dues you pay are used by the association for the various activities needed to maintain the neighborhood in a good condition. Do you think the association dues are well spent?

      3. Association Rules
      Carefully read and understand the rules that you have to live by if you decide to join the community. Some rules may cover the paint color of your house, the plants on your front yard, the pets you can own and more.

      4. Visit Your Future Neighbor
      If it’s possible, try to talk with some of the homeowners. You may also want to clarify some of the association rules and by laws and how it is to be actually part of the community.

      5. Is the Homeowners Association professionally run?
      Homeowners Association (HOA) Management
      Homeowners associations are usually set up by developers and then turned over to an elected set of officers or volunteer board of homeowners. Those elected officers or volunteers are basically responsible for facilities maintenance, collection of association dues and enforcing the rules.
      A lot time and effort go into a satisfactory management of homeowners association. One of the challenges of the association’s elected officers or volunteers is that they are not equipped with property management knowhow. Another challenge is that the management of the association’s activities is not a priority since they are most likely busy with their jobs or businesses.

      Professional HOA Management Services
      Community Management Services, Inc. is a licensed Residential & Commercial Association management company that is run by certified professionals. The company has the resources and expertise to support the various day-to-day functions of your homeowners association so that the officers and leaders can focus on more important matters.

      Call 317.631.2213 to discuss how the company can help you effectively manage your homeowners association.