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    • Fulfilling Garden Dreams Before Spring has Sprung

    • Homeowners, are you unsure what to do with your landscape but know something has to be done this year? Want to change up your outdoor living décor or add pavers, flowers, or a water or fire feature but do not know where to start? You are not alone. Don’t fear… Community Management Services, Inc., (CMS) has the solution for you. Our ever so helpful CMS Marketplace – Your resource to local qualified and professional vendors and contractors who can help you maintain your home and your community.

      CMS Marketplace offers help for every homeowner and community, from planning and designing to project implementation. There is a variety of terrific vendors to choose from that can specifically bring your project to life.

      CMS Marketplace has vetted vendors organized and online at your fingertips ready to take on any interior or exterior task you want put into action. Don’t be overwhelmed by identifying and hiring a qualified professional for the job – CMS Marketplace makes it so easy.

      If you have a community project, rather than an individualized landscaping project, CMS Marketplace can help with that as well. Think community ponds, pools, sports courts, landscaping, clubhouses, hallways, elevators, streets, trails and nature areas. We know quality and professional vendors that can handle it all.

      We truly believe in a neighborly approach. As an Indiana residential and commercial association management firm with over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, we were often asked about who we recommend for interior and exterior projects. We’ve always been happy to help our homeowners and our communities with recommendations for vendors we knew would do a great job. CMS Marketplace just takes all that knowledge of great Indy vendors and puts it at your fingertips.

      Happy spring, CMS friends. Now let’s get that garden project on the move before spring has sprung.