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    • Promoting HOA Management Accomplishments on Social Media

    • When communities have shared areas like swimming pools, sidewalks, playgrounds, and even signage, they need a way to make sure that these communal areas are properly maintained. Home buyers want to live in a neighborhood with plenty of well-maintained amenities, so they form a homeowners association (HOA) to manage these areas. Yet depending on how many residents volunteer to serve on the HOA board, and how many shared areas need to be looked after, a group can quickly become overwhelmed.

      Many HOA boards elect to hire a community association management company to look after shared areas and to also take care of day-to-day administrative tasks. However, bringing in an HOA management company is a substantial investment. While volunteer members of an HOA board have an easy time justifying the cost, because the community association management company frees them up to handle strategic decisions, neighborhood residents might have a more difficult time understanding the purpose of this expense. The reason for this is usually because the HOA board does not do a sufficient job of informing residents about what the community association management company has done.

      HOA boards that use social media to share the accomplishments of the hired HOA management company will actually see an increase in dues collected as residents hold off on paying dues if they do not believe that they are being put to good use. Since dues dictate what the HOA board can and cannot do, it is important that they are as high as possible. Here are some tips for using social media to increase dues:

      Share updates about the community association management company’s accomplishments and goals

      Residents like to be in the loop, so those who are on websites like Facebook and Twitter will be happy to “like” or “follow” their HOA board for community updates. A tweet might announce an upcoming event, like an Easter egg hunt or a casino night, which is being managed by the community association management company. Another tweet following the event might thank attendees for making the event a success. Meanwhile, a new Facebook post might announce that outdated playground equipment will soon be replaced.

      Interact with residents on social media

      Residents who have questions about the way the community is being run, or who have suggestions for future issues to address should be invited to share their thoughts on company social media pages. They will appreciate the transparency, and it will give HOA leaders the chance to explain what the HOA management group has done.

      Share pictures and videos to help residents understand who the HOA management company is and what it does

      The internet is a visual place, and residents will be interested in seeing results from the dues they have paid. Facebook photos of a newly landscaped common area, or even a before-and-after YouTube video showcasing recent amenity restorations are some possible ways that the company’s accomplishments can be shared. Photos or an introductory video about the HOA management company and its on-site representatives will give the company a face, and make residents feel that the company is part of the community.

      These are just a few ways that social media can be used to showcase community association management company accomplishments and increase dues. For more ideas, speak to an HOA management firm.

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